Depending on the size of your bathroom, you need to decide the areas that require renovation. In relation to your budget, list all the things you want to exclude or add in your bathroom (baderomsinnredning). When remodeling your bathroom, you should have in mind the consistency of use among the people or the family members in your home.

The available space is fundamental because many people will require ample space. Also, you should add the number of toilets and sinks in your home. So what should you add or exclude in your bathroom?

– Choose the tiles
Tiles make an area look stylish. It helps to enhance the aesthetic sense in a bathroom. Tiles should be selected depending on your needs and preference. However, the light colored tiles are best suited in small bathrooms. The darker ones are appropriate for ample space. Besides, in smaller bathrooms, the wall tiles and the floor tiles should be of the same variety (badekar). You can select different styles and design available in marble and ceramics.

– Sinks
The systematic flow of water leads in the wear and tear of the bathroom sinks. It is vital to change the sink every time. There are many designs made of stone, cast iron, glass, and other materials. There are several modular designs of sinks that you can attach, but the custom-made design requires wall brackets.

– Lighting
You can’t renovate a bathroom and forget to include the right lighting. It would help if you took care of the illumination to light the interior nicely (dusjkabinett). You can select the ceiling fixtures with recessed lights that will offer the light to the whole room. Be sure to have the lights on both sides to reduce the shadows.


These are some of the changes you can consider. Well, you can go ahead and add vanity cabinets and new shower curtains. Basically, the nicely-renovated bathroom will add a wholly modern feel and makes the bathroom looks appealing.